PAH Competes and wins BIG at Three Hound Shows!

Tuesday, June 07, 2022 6:44 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Sat 5/7/22 Carolinas’ 44th Annual Hound Show

The Salute the Hounds dinner on the Friday night was during a thunderstorm and power outage, but the crowd remained in party mode!

PAH Huntsman, Martyn Blackmore, beat out 8 other huntsmen to win the Horn Blowing competition.

During the show Saturday, Dynamo was placed 4th in Unentered Dog, which was not bad for a 9 month old puppy, whose immaturity showed, although he moved very well.

Magnet won Entered Dog

Wallace won Stallion Hound

Magnet was crowned Champion English Dog

The bitches swept the board with Mischief winning Unentered Bitch

Wanted won Entered Bitch

Midnight took the Brood Bitch blue ribbon

Mischief was crowned Best English Bitch and then overall English Foxhound Champion

PAH won the Pack Class

The Show Team was Allison, Jerel, Courtenay, Teresa and Rachel

A big thanks to Claudia for running the rescue mission to pick up the hounds, Martyn, Jerel, Courtenay and Rachel home and to Travis and Lisa for retrieving Teresa and Allison.

And not forgetting Sparky for taking Jack to Southern Pines to retrieve the hunt truck!

Sun 5/29/22, Virginia Foxhound Club’s 74th  Annual Hound Show

The Saturday evening’s cocktail party highlighted the National Horn Blowing competition in which 15 huntsmen battled for the honors and, in a “blow off,” Martyn was placed 2nd.

Sunday’s competition was tough with a lot of entries from some of the top packs in the northern states, but little pack PAH held up well.

Hubert and Huckleberry were 4th in Couple of Unentered Hounds

Wallace was 4th in Stallion Hound and then 2nd in Stallion Hound with Get (3 unentered hounds out of Midnight, by Wallace, bred by PAH for the Norfolk Hunt)

Mischief was 2nd in Unentered Bitch

Wanted was 5th in Entered Bitch

Midnight was 3rd in Brood Bitch and Lattice was 4th

PAH won the Pack Class

The Show Team was Jerel, Allison, Rachel and Courtenay

A big thanks to Robin and Eric for spearheading the wonderful tailgate, demonstrating the hospitality of PAH

Sat 6/4/22 Bryn Mawr, PA, 106th Hound Show

Huckleberry and Dynamo got 3rd in Couple of Dogs Unentered

Hercules and Harrison got 1st in Couple of Dogs Entered

Hercules, Harrison, Henry and Lancer got 1st in Two Couple of Entered, which is a tough class to get 4 hounds that look alike!

Wallace got 2nd in both Stallion Hound and Stallion Hound with Get (again, the 3 unentered hounds out of Midnight, by Wallace, bred by PAH for the Norfolk Hunt)

In the Old English classes, Sussex was 1st in Entered Dog and Dynamo was 2nd in Unentered Dog

Sussex won the Old English Foxhound Champion

Mischief won Unentered Bitch and Huzzah was 4th

Wanted was 2nd in Entered Bitch, Gamine was 3rd in Entered Bitch and Secret bolted from the ring, not wanting anything to do with suits and shiny shoes!!

Midnight was 1st in Brood Bitch

Midnight went on to win Champion English Bitch and Reserve English Hound

The dog who beat Midnight in the English Hound Championship was Amwell Valley Hunt Baxter, a grandson of our old favorite, Huckleberry

PAH won the English Pack Class and came 2nd in the All Breeds Pack Class

The Show Team was Allison, Courtenay and Rachel

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